How Will You Understand That You Are A True Music Lover?

How Will You UnderstandThat You Are A True Music Lover infographic

How Will You UnderstandThat You Are A True Music Lover infographic

Music is not only a form of art but is also a type of entertainment. Many people are habituated to listen to music and on listening to music they feel relaxed. Without music life would be very boring and absurd. There are varieties of music and its type which soothe minds of different people around the world.

Music can be defined as a cultural activity whose medium is silence and sound. We have music lovers throughout the world who learn to read music. It boosts the morale of one particular person and if heard when you are frustrated, music lightens up your mood and helps you to fight against the problems you are facing.

Music helps people in all possible ways. The most important thing about music is that we have music lovers everywhere we go. Here are some points where you can make out the advantages of music and he/she is a true music lover or not.

How Will You Understand That You Are A True Music Lover?

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Benefits of music

Music has various advantages. Apart from a perfect entertainment it can also be used to fight various issues. The benefits of music are:

It improves our communication skills

According to a study made by some experts it has been proved that 4-6 year old kids who have done one month music training which included the knowledge of rhythm, pitch, melody, voice etc. understand the words properly and elaborate their values more clearly. Then a study was made on 8-11 year old kids, it was found that they were much more developed in their verbal IQ’s and their visual caliber was much more as compared to those who did not do the training.

Keeps our brain healthy, even in older ages

It has been proved that listening to music in older age has helped to keep the brain much more      healthy because enjoying music is like giving an exercise to the brain. It helps to boost the memory power and makes your mind sharper and also helps to improve our concentration power.

Music has a control over your emotions

It is quite true that music has a control over our emotions because we have endless number of songs which go well with almost all emotions. The songs are capable to make you happy, sad, motivated, excited, boosted etc., whenever you listen to music it hits our brain in a different way and hence the brain releases dopamine which is said to be a “feel good chemical”. Another research said that music heard in a fast tempo makes people delighted while if played in a slow tempo leads to feelings of heart broken or upset.

It improves the heartbeat, pulse rate and blood pressure

Music has a very positive impact on heartbeat, pulse rate and blood pressure. It has been observed that people who listen to music just after their cardiac surgery were very less anxious and did not feel much pain. Also the heart patients who listen to music for at least 30 minutes had lower blood pressure and lowered heart rates and are less anguish in comparison to those who do not listen to the music.

Music helps you sleep well

Stress and anxiety are the two most common enemies of sleep. Music has a positive impact on these problems because music helps to reduce these two things and allows you to have a better sleep. Listening to music before sleep makes you feel relaxed from the whole day stress. It removes all the worries and allows you to enjoy a cozy and sound sleep.

Music has helped to improve the immunity system

According to the study made by experts it has been proved that music helps to reduce level of stress hormone known as cortisol, which is the main reason behind deteriorating of the immunity system of the body, reducing the learning and memory power, reducing bone density, negative impact on heart and blood pressure etc. However, according to the study made if you listen to music for around 50 minutes it will increase the volume of antibodies in human body.

How Will You Understand That You Are A True Music Lover?

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Disadvantages of music

Can damage ears

People who listen to music every time or who are addicted to music and they insert an ear piece and listen to music at high volumes, this may cause harm to the ear drum and may also lead to hard of hearing.

Reduce your time for other work

Some people have the habit of listening to music every time and not doing their intended work properly. They are less focused on their daily work because they are much more addicted to music which should not be done at all.

May cause accidents

People have the habit of putting their earphones on in the highest possible volume and walking through the traffics which may lead to accidents because they may not be able to hear the horns given by the vehicles and also while listening music they are not focused on their surroundings and they may not see the vehicle and may come in contact with a fast running vehicle leading to an accident.

How Will You Understand That You Are A True Music Lover?

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How to recognize whether you are a music lover or not?

People will always have their headphones with them

If a person is addicted to music and has love for music then he/she will always have their headphone or earphones with them. These accessories become a part of the body. They will always have their ear piece inserted and they will enjoy music. For those people headphone is like a boon to them and they never forget to carry their headphones with them.

People sometimes forget about their surroundings

 A music lover sometimes when is listening to music get so deep in listening that they forget about their surroundings and people present near to them. They forget about the scenario and they start enjoying music in their own way they want to enjoy. They may start singing the song loudly in their own voice, they may also start dancing in their own comfortable style and it all happens just because they go into the world of music and forget that they are in a public place.

Expression when your loved singers perform in front of you

Everyone who listens to music have a particular choice of music and the favorite singers. Whenever you see your favorite artist performing in front you with his full power you feel on top of the world and there is a different kind of happiness on your face. People enjoy the performance in their own way without thinking about the world.

People start making decisions and judgments when they hear bad music

Music lovers when come across any music which they don’t like they start giving their own point of view regarding the music and they also start judging the taste of music and teaching things to the people to improvise on the music style according to them.

How Will You Understand That You Are A True Music Lover?

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People always love hearing music when they are driving

It is quite true that the journey becomes quite boring without music and for long journeys music is your perfect companion. Music lovers always have a good music system in their vehicle while they are driving so that they enjoy their ride. Some people are such that they stop their vehicle or get slow to hear their favorite tracks.

People are confident enough to sing everywhere

Music lovers are confident enough to perform anywhere they are allowed to. They just need a place where they can either listen to music or perform and they can sing very confidently wherever they feel like.

Many are good bathroom singers

Many people have the habit of singing in the bathrooms while they are they are taking bath. They love to sing while they take bath. For them it is like a platform of a singing competition. They are not even bothered that they have a good voice or not but they continue to sing at their maximum level and enjoy in their own world.

People listen to music even when they are alone at home

People love to enjoy music while they are cleaning their room or house. They have their maximum volume in their sound systems without thinking that the nearby people may get disturbed and they start dancing alone in their own crazy way.

How Will You Understand That You Are A True Music Lover?

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People will get disappointed if they have a good expectation from the album released but it is not

Music lovers are desperate enough for the new upcoming favorite tracks and if the released album does not meet their expectation they get disappointed.

People try to find music festivals to enjoy it

Music lovers generally love to go karaoke, they love to dance in DJ nights and enjoy at their fullest.

How Will You Understand That You Are A True Music Lover?

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Music is such a thing that without its existence life would have been very slow and pathetic. It has a lot of advantages and a very few disadvantages. Some listens music for pleasure and some people if seen are addicted to it and can’t live without music. Many of them understand the tonality in music after learning it for a long time.

From the above mentioned facts it is very clear that how music is important to us. So, start listening to music it keeps you healthy in the long run.

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