What Are The Various Types Of Drum You Find Around The World?

Instruments are an integral part of music. Without the instruments it is really difficult to visualize the presence of music in this world. There are various types of guitar, drums and violin present in the market which takes music to another level.

Drums are one of the most popular instruments since many centuries and have a long history. They are considered as one of the most ancient musical instruments. They are also the most versatile, percussion instruments. To create sound the drummers need to hit the surface of the drum.

What Are the Various Types of Drum You Find Around the World?

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There are various types of drums in the world. The differentiating feature of different types of drums is the sound produced by them and the method to play them. Even the materials used to make drums are different for different drums.

Through this article you can have a clear idea about the different types of popular drums.
Different types of drums
Drums are classified into four basic types:

  • Frame Drum- These are shallow and have a wide head.
  • Kettle Drum – These drums are bowl-shaped.
  • Hand Drum – As the name suggests, these drums are played with hands.
  • Goblet Drum – These drums are narrower towards their base and are wide at the top
  • Talking Drum – The sound produced by these drums resemble to speech and hence these drums are used to talk to others.
  • Box Drum – These drums are cube-shaped.
What Are the Various Types of Drum You Find Around the World?

Photo Credit: http://www.akglife.com/mike-avenaim

Popular drums around the world

  • Ashiko

It is a popular drum which has been originated by the Yorba culture. This culture is popular in West Africa. Goatskin hide and hardwood are used to make this drum. It is cylindrical in shape. These popular drums handcrafted from wood are popularly used in most of the celebrations.

  • Bendir

Basically from North-Africa, Bendir is a frame drum. They are one of the oldest drums which have been popular in Mesopotamia and Egypt. Sufi ceremonies are incomplete without these drums.

  • Bongo

Bongos are a pair of drums which have originated from Cuba and have an open-bottom. The larger one is known as hembra while the smaller is known as macho. These can be played with hands.

  • Cajon

The Africans who were slaves in America originated the Cajon drums. This drum is a box made of plywood and has a hole in the rear side. The front and the back sides are slapped to produce sound. Nowadays, it a popular musical instrument of Spain and America.

  • Caixa

Caixa is a popular snare drum from Latin America. Wood, acrylic or metal can be used to make this drum which is used in various parades, bands and concerts.

  • Congas

These are South American drums which are played in two or four sets. The player has to sit while playing it. They must be kept on a rack if the drummer wants to play them while standing.

  • Damaru

Damaru has a great significance among the Hindus and the Buddhists. This small drum with two sides is Lord Shiva’s instrument which has spiritual significance. Leather or wood can be used to make Damaru.

  • Dhol

Dhol is a popular drum in India which is used for folk and regional music. They are double-sided drums which are available in various sizes. Punjabi dhol is one of the most popular dhols.

  • Djembe

Djembe is West African drums which are made with hardwood or goatskin. It is a versatile drum and produces various sounds. Although it is small in size, it produces loud sound.

  • Djun-Djun

Originated from West Africa djun djun is a popular drum which is played with djembe of other drums. Goat’s skin is used at both ends of the drum and a curved or a straight stick can be used to play.

  • Doumbek

A popular drum from Middle East, Doumbek is played with the help of fingers. Variety of sound is produced by the drum when beaten with sticks. It is popularly used in Western Music.

  • Mridangam

Mridangam has its origin in India and is used popularly in Carnatic music. Earlier clay was used to make mridangams. These drums are hollow inside and are made with wood.

  • Naal

Naal which is also known as dholak is a two sided drum originated from South Asia. It is popularly used in folk music and is played with hands after slinging them from the shoulder.

  • Nagada

Nagada are mostly played with sticks in pairs. Apart from one Nagada, other produces loud pitches. They are a very popular drum in India.

  • Pandeiro

Pandeiro is a frame drum originated from Brazil. It can be played with hands and with the help of thumbs and fingers various sounds are produced. The sound produced is similar to the jingling sound.

  • Pow-wow

Originated from America pow-wow is played in various gatherings and festivals. It a sacred drum and hence people need to know the rules to play it.

  • Repinique

This Brazilian drum has two heads and is popularly used in classical music in America. It is made with metal and is tuned high. A wooden stick and one hand is used to play the drum.

  • Surdo

Surdo is a drum originated from Brazil which is made with aluminum or steel. The head of the drum is made of plastic. Samba bands use these drums extensively.

  • Tabla

Tabla is a popular drum from India.  If the right hand is used to beat the drum it is known as table while it is called dagga if slapped with left hand. Classical and folk music in India involves music from tabla. To produce various sounds, different techniques are used.

  • Tambourine

Tambourine has its origins at Rome, India, Middle East and Greece. Wood or plastic is used to make them and it is used in folk music. There are multiple ways to play the tambourine.

What Are the Various Types of Drum You Find Around the World?

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There are much more different types of drums among which only few have been described above. They are used mostly in folk music and are few of them are also termed as lead instruments. They are used mostly for religious and cultural purposes however they also entertain with their unique sound.

The beginners playing violin can also practice the skills by combining the sounds of violin and drums. It will definitely produce great music.

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