Why And How Music Is Important To Us

Music in the soul can be heard by the Universe – Lao Tzu

Music has been with us since the dawn of this age. We have been associated with music in some form or another. In fact, some people argue that music is what makes us humans human. So if you exist, music has already impacted you in some way or other.

In fact, if you look closely, every culture makes music in some form or another. Also, musical instruments were made about 37,000 years ago. On the contrary, stuff like reading and writing came into existence about 3500 years ago only. And most people in the world still don’t read or write. But most of us have a home theatre or a home recording studio, right?

Plus, did you know that scientists have recently discovered the effects of music on our brain. And the results show that they affect our brains very deeply. Why don’t you try singing Happy Birthday for instance? How did you feel? You felt happy and could actually remember being in one of the birthdays, right? That is the effect we are talking about.

Why And How Music Is Important To Us

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Music has the feature of getting under your skin. It creates not only strong feelings but also strong memories. It is the language of the humans. It is the medium of communication when all other mediums fail. Let us further discuss why and how music is important to us.

Music builds up and increases creativity

Music is the food for the soul. It has the ability to fire up our creativity. And we all know how creative a mind can get. Albert Einstein, Frank Lloyd Wright, are just a few names on the list.

An interesting fact is that if one listens to instrumental music, it will challenge him to listen and tell a story about what he hears. Similarly, playing a musical instrument makes you tell a story without using any words.

Either way, you need to be using your brain to a great extent. This will not only improve your creativity but also boost your level of intellect.

Why And How Music Is Important To Us

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Music makes studies and learning enjoyable and easier

Did it ever happen to you that you heard a song just once, and when you hear it again after days, you are able to recollect the music? Well, this is the power of music. It will stay embedded in your brains for a long time. A huge benefit of this is in the field of education.

Now, we are not talking about the paparazzi songs. We are talking about music more like soft and soothing, more like instrumental.

In a classroom, it will be very engaging and is a great tool for memorizing things. We as kids learnt the multiplication tables in the form of songs, and till date, we can recollect them. This is just a meagre example of how powerful music can be.

Apart from that, music teaches a person self-discipline and time management skills. An instrument studying makes you think on concrete ideas, and thus, you are able to take your baby steps towards the ultimate goal.

Music reorganizes the way you think. You start learning in a new way.

Likewise, music education helps the kids stay focused. They will keep learning new things instead of running away here and there and staying in the middle of a mischief.

Unfortunately, there are some forms of music that can harm a child. They will be swayed and derailed from their focus. The way they dress, speak and think will also be altered. Some types of such music include the ones with violent lyrics.

Why And How Music Is Important To Us

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Music is the language the universe speaks

Look around you.  You will find music everywhere. From the swooshing of the leaves to the chirping of the birds, nature speaks its language of music every single moment. You just need to be able to listen to it.

Not just that, animals like birds, dogs and whales have been found to understand music to some level.

Music goes beyond any boundaries. You can belong from the other end of the planet yet be able to understand what the other person is saying. The only thing you need for that is an open mind.

However, for some people, music must not change. But they forget one thing, the law of nature is to change and keep growing. Therefore, people should check out all the styles and then choose which one appeals them the most.

Music has spiritual powers

If you try to find the origin of music, there is no definite record of how it all started. But the theorists believe that it predates the existence of mankind. Music has been with the humans since times immemorial. The tribals have always used music in their festivals and religious events. In Mayan civilization, the people used music to celebrate their victory in a war and even during the burial of great people.

Music has been used in churches during the prayers since long. In fact, they used to stress a lot about the organization of the harmonies that would create mood lifting environments and a spiritual effect.

Even till today, almost all the holy places in every religion, people use the means to music to pray to the gods, be it a temple, church, mosque or any other religion.

Why And How Music Is Important To Us

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Music can invoke emotions

This happens to all of us. One song on our playlist can bring back our memories from long ago. Not just that, music can take us on a long journey. It has the power to freeze time. And all of this comes under human emotions.

What amazes all of us is that how music can affect our senses. Research is still going on, but the most probable reason seems to be the tones, harmonies, scales, and chords. These have the power to affect our senses.

Music brings people together

Did it ever happen to you that a person is humming a song, and suddenly you pick it up too and keep singing the rest of the day? This is precisely what we are speaking about. Music has the power to bring people close.

Music is embedded in all of us in some form or another. You just need to open yourselves up, and there you are. Playing music or singing in a group is an incredible feeling. This is why most parties seem shallow without music.

Why And How Music Is Important To Us

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Music as a therapy

Today, the entire world is taking to music therapy. Not feeling well? Listen to music that will cheer you up! Can’t sleep? There are so many apps that will play music to put you to sleep. Similarly, music therapy has the power to make our life better. Researches have shown that we are able to differentiate between the rhythms since we are born.

Plus, our body and brains are wired to music. While you are walking, if you hear a song, you will automatically start walking on the beats.

Music also has the authority to motivate us and relax us. Research has shown what is tonality in music and what effect it has on the listeners.

So next time you hum that song or listen to that piece of instrumental, listen deeply. You will be able to hear and observe your body respond to each and every beat of it.

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