You Should Learn How To Repair Your Own Guitar

It is quite difficult for anyone to live without entertainment. We do various things like singing, dancing, listening songs and playing different instruments to entertain our self during leisure time. These things are not only means for our amusement but doing these things also reduces our stress and anxieties. In Stone Age also, people used to do numerous things like dancing, playing self-made wooded instruments for their glee. Buying your first guitar is always a memorable movement for you.


Sometimes we may think that how much it will be good if we are capable of correcting all minor shortcomings which appear in televisions, piano, guitar etc at our home. Everyone just loves recycling. Inclination of people towards playing different instruments is increasing by leaps and bounds. Playing guitar is now in latest trend. Some play it because they like playing and some purchase it just to impress everyone. But buying guitar is a very high investment because it costs a lot. Moreover it is very much delicate and difficult to handle.

You Should Learn How to Repair Your Own Guitar

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How to Repair Guitar?

Because of the delicacy of guitar, it can easily be damaged. And hence it is quite possible that you may become the regular customer of repairing shop by visiting there frequently. It is virtue of human nature that we get attached to anything that we use for a long time. In case of guitar, it is also true. But there are numerous methods using which we can easily mend our guitar and can get rid of being the regular customer of repairing shop. You do not need to be dependent on anyone for this by simply following given techniques.

The Kit

If you have guitar then you must keep a kit where you can keep all the necessary materials like wrenches, ruler etc. which are used in mending the guitar. The benefit of keeping a kit is that you can easily get the things all at a single place. The kit must include following tools.

  • Wrenches:-Allen wrenches are very useful in repairing the guitar. There is no need to buy this tool because it is given with guitar during purchasing time. One should always keep it carefully because it is used in all kind of shortcomings of guitar. Truss rod is another type of wrench which will be very helpful if you know its usage. 
  • Tuner:-While repairing guitar it is necessary that the strings remain tuned. For this chromatic tuner is used. 
  • Ruler:-Used for measuring purpose. Once you get the expertise at playing guitar you can avoid the use of steel ruler. 
  • Glue:-It is used for rejoining the cracks on guitar. One should generally prefer wood water soluble glue because it can be easily removed from the surface of guitar after using it. We can use epoxy in place of glue. 
  • Clamps:-There are numerous types of clamps available in the market. It is used to stabilize the guitar leaving the glued part undisturbed. 
  • Sandpaper:-To remove unwanted residual of glue or anything, sandpaper can be proved very beneficial. 
  • Finish:-The sign of repairs or cracks may give an ugly appearance to the guitar. A finish can hide these cracks and retains the look of guitar. 
  • Brush:-Helpful in applying adhesive.
You Should Learn How to Repair Your Own Guitar

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The process of changing the strings of a guitar is called re-stringing. One should keep changing the strings of his guitar after regular 2-3 months interval. It is not a very difficult task but for novice guitarist it may be most irritating work. You can easily learn it by following the given steps.

  • First decide yourself how you want to remove the strings whether one by one or all at once. After deciding, start to loosen the string with the help of tuning machine until and unless it can be removed from tuning peg and come out of tension.
  • With the help of pin puller remove the stubborn bridge pins.
  • Strings from all peg holes are removed one by one carefully. After this we can clean the fingerboard of guitar if required.
  • In market there are various types of strings are present. Coloured one gives a clear idea about the notes. One can choose one method out of many for attaching strings.
  • Knob is inserted into the peg such that strings remain in tension. Stretch the strings to their respective tuning peg and the end is inserted to the peg through the hole.
  • Repeat the above steps for each string.
You Should Learn How to Repair Your Own Guitar

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Things to Keep in Mind

  • After changing the strings, you should tune your guitar more often for the time being.
  • Pins can be removed with the help of teaspoons also. One should avoid the cutting of strings.

Fixed Bridge

If we get expertise then fixed bridge takes maximum 10 minutes for re-stringing. In this strings are aligned into the channel on the load and then to the nut. Insert the end of strings into tuning peg through hole and the outer side of string is sharply bent. Now tuning of peg is started which brings tension on the string. Excessive string is cut from the peg. Again re-tune the string after stretching.

In acoustic guitars, saddles are already set. Hence we have not such type of headache in this bridge. Intonation can be changed by changing the activity. One can change the position of adjustable saddles by using screws.

Tremolo Bridge

The process of re-stringing of guitar with the use of Tremolo Bridge is a little bit tedious task with respect to fixed bridge because this bridge is indirectly attached to body.  Slacking of string is the major problem of tremolo because it is quite irritating to re-string and then tuning the string again and again.

In Tremolo Bridge first turning clamps are opened from the nut. Now string lock is got loosen carefully because it may be possible that strings can come out of the grooves and after that repeat the steps of re-stringing mentioned above.

Floating Bridge

Using floating bridge the process of tuning the string is very time consuming and difficult too. So first stop free movements of the bridge and do the steps of re-stringing which are described above attentively. There are various types of guitar available in the market. We do not get a perfect intonation because it is quite impossible to set at absolute zero. Intonation can be done in following ways.

  • The tuning of string is done to its respective note.
  • Fret number 12 is checked to know how the adjustment of saddle can be done by using the special type of screw.
  • After this string is made to be slacken and screw of intonation also get loosen up.
  • Now screw is tighten after the adjustment of saddle.
  • The note of fret number 12 is checked and re-tuning is done again.
  • Repeat all the above steps one by one for all the strings.
You Should Learn How to Repair Your Own Guitar

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By applying above tricks and methods one can easily mend his guitar and get rid of the headache of going to the shop of guitar mechanic and ruin your relationship with him. Now you just need to follow all the steps cautiously and enjoy the lifelong company of you with your lovely guitar.

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