Learn How Can Music Affect Your Mental State

Man has never been ignorant of the benefits of music on his health. He has been involved with music since ancient times. Philosophers like Plato and Confucius and great kings have also acknowledged and used the power of music. They used it to soothe stress.

Like a good instrument increases productivity. Similarly, music infuses us with good vibes and improves our well-being.

Military people use music to infuse enthusiasm in their soldiers. Children are taught alphabet songs so that they can memorise them well. Shopping malls play music to keep the customers engaged. In fact, wherever you go, you will find music. And it is not because they like to listen to songs, but they are unleashing the hidden power of it.

Learn How Can Music Affect Your Mental State

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Different people, different tastes

As people grow and are exposed to different culture and music genres, they start developing different tastes. But the basic spirit still remains the same. Babies will be lulled to sleep by lullabies. Mothers singing to their children make them feel safe and happy no matter how good or bad she is singing. Grunge music makes everyone hostile and angry. Pop, rock, oldies and classical music helps people feel happy and makes them optimistic and calm.

The relation between music, attention and learning

In pre-school, when our teacher used to play music to teach us ABC, it was not because we were kids and it would entertain us. She knew about the power of music. She knew that it would put the things in your mind much quicker if she gave you the music magic potion.

Scientists have proved that if the music is paired with rhythm and pitch, it elevates the memory power of a person and makes it easier for him to recall and learn. Some types of music like the instrumental baroque music is good for improving the attention and reasoning. Similarly, soothing background music promotes better social behaviour among the teens.

Learn How Can Music Affect Your Mental State

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Music and anxiety

We all have come across situations when we were a lot upset and tensed, and suddenly some quiet and calming song played which not only relaxed us but also took our mind off it. Music is so very effective in this regard that it is used in dental, radiation and preoperative therapy settings so that the patients stop worrying about what will happen to you.

Music has been found to reduce stress to a great extent in children, elderly and new mothers too.

The question is that what sort of music can help in reducing stress. Well, it can be any sort of relaxing, calming music with soft music. This can also be combined with cognitive therapy to enhance its effects. According to some studies, specially designed music can improve symptoms of anxiety. These are called binaural beats. These have been proved effective in reducing stress, getting over insomnia and all such conditions.

Music and mood

Music has magical effects, not just on depressed people. It has been found that it actually elevates the moods of people. Music therapy has shown substantial improvement in the conditions of patients who have been suffering from illnesses like cancer, burns and so on. As we know, patients with these diseases lose all hopes from their lives. Yet a research showed that they became cheerful after listening to music.

Music and sleep

Soothing music has the power of putting people to sleep. There are so many apps that play various combination of binaural beats and natural sounds that will put you to sleep. Insomniac people have reported being benefitted by these sounds.

Learn How Can Music Affect Your Mental State

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Music and stress

Since times immemorial, music has been known to soothe stress. It has been found that calm background music can decrease the irritation levels of a person. It has shown positive effects in patients with dementia. Music, if rightly chosen, can reduce the stress hormone, cortisol, levels.

Research has shown that music gets into the wiring of your brain. Therefore, experts use it to diagnose the patients with stress issues. They alter the meter, rhythm and pitch of the music in such a way that it affects the areas of the brain dealing with emotions and moods.

Results are amazing. Patients with stroke have been taught how to talk once again. This is why music is used as a mood-altering therapy because it can actually get inside your head!

Music and motivation

Music has the power to instil positivity in you. Therefore, inspirational songs actually uplift your mood and make you enthusiastic. Even if you are on the verge of giving up, the right music will get you dust off yourself, and participate in the game of life again with added zeal and enthusiasm.

Learn How Can Music Affect Your Mental State

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Music and your perception

Everyone has a reason to be sad. You can let that reason take over you and keep you sorrowful for a long time. Or you can listen to some of your favourite songs and get a more positive outlook on life.

A study was conducted at the University of Groningen that revealed that people are happier and have a more positive outlook when they listen to lively music. So if you want to give up those depressing feelings, fire up your favourite playlist.

Music and your brain waves

Music has the power to alter not just what you are feeling presently, but also what you will feel in the future. You must have experienced this thing. You turned off the song long ago, still it is playing in your mind all day long. It is because the song changed your brain waves and therefore, you will stay positive even after hours of listening to the song.

Music as therapy

Music research is usually in the field of music therapy. The latter has been around for centuries. It is used to restore energy, improve moods and help in the natural healing of the body.

Dr. Frank Lipman, who is the founder and director of Eleven, – Eleven Wellness Center based in New York City says that musical time-out is an effective way to calm your body as well as the brain. Soothing rhythms calm not just your mind but also slow down and regulate your heart beat rate. This, in turn, helps you to breathe easily.

Music and fatigue

Music helps keep tiredness at bay. Feeling sleepy? Plug in and sing to your favourite song. You will feel fit as a fiddle. You tired? Listen to calm and soothing music and it will gradually calm you down and take away all your tiredness. Music affects your heart rate, and since that has a lot of roles to play in fatigue removal, you find yourself in a better place.

Learn How Can Music Affect Your Mental State

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Music and creativity

Music, especially instrumentals help us think more creatively. It forces us to think the story behind the tunes. Similarly, creating such music helps us to create a story out of our minds. This enhances our creativity and helps our brain to think more closely.

Some will say music does not work for them. Well, either they did not pick the right tracks or are too deviated to focus on the music. Remember, nothing will work unless you focus on it. So pick up the best tracks and realise how music make you feel much better.

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