You Should Know How Music Affects Your Brain & Plants

Music is loved by almost everyone. Generally, music is preferred on happy occasions and a true music lover loves to listen to music. However, there is a positive side effect of music which can work well to overcome anxiety, depression and lack of concentration.

Music affects the brain and body in a positive way. It is also helpful in the growth of plants. It is a huge part of life and our brain reacts to the music spontaneously. The expressions change with happy and sad music. Music makes you feel much better even if you are facing serious issues in life.

You Should Know How Music Affects Your Brain & Plants

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The effect of music on our brains

According to a research it was found that people who listen to music are less anxious in comparison to the ones who do not. Hence, music has the power to control anxiety of people.

Music is undoubtedly an integral part of our life since centuries. It is a way to express your feelings and it also reflects the economic, social and religious aspects of our society.

People all over the world use music to express a wide range of emotions towards others. Music relieves your mind and also makes your mind and brain peaceful. If your mental stress increases you can rely on music to boost the function of your brain which in turn boosts other processes of your body.

You Should Know How Music Affects Your Brain & Plants

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Development of brain is a process to train the brain in such a way that it works properly. Music plays an important role in the development of brain. The effects of music on brain are many. Few of them are listed below:

It is liked by everyone

Some form of music is liked by everyone in this world. When people like hearing music, it has a psychological effect on the minds.

Music is loved by everyone since it imparts an enjoyable experience to the one who hears it. The ventral striatum of the brain which release dopamine brings pleasure to the listener.

It soothes the mind

Music has a soothing effect on your mind. It relieves you from stress, depression and anxiety. Soothing music has the power to de-stress your minds and it relaxes the mind from full day work.

Listening to music is just like spraying water on a thirsty land. A mind full of various thoughts can be relaxed by hearing soothing music. Music relieves you from all the worries for the time you hear that.

It energizes your mind

Music elevates the mood and refreshes a tired person. The moment one listens to his favorite music the energy level of the person elevates to a higher level. Music has a positive effect on one’s mood. There are various types of music which have the capability to light up the moods of people.

Different places play different music to light up the moods of different people. While spa, soft and relaxing music is played and loud music is preferred in pubs. Both the types of music have the capability to change the mood. Hence, music has the power to calm the nerves and to help you enjoy.

You Should Know How Music Affects Your Brain & Plants

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It enhances the memory power

Music is taught in every school since it alleviates the memory power of the listener. Small children can easily learn their lessons if they are taught the lessons through a song. The process to learn anything in the form of song is also followed by older students to learn the difficult portions of their syllabus. Hence, the power to grasp any information and the memory is improved by music.

It helps you to exercise well

There are lots of effects of music if it is listened while exercising. It has been seen that people exercise faster on hearing music.

The reason behind this is music distracts the mind from the exercise and hence the person ends up exercising more. Exercising without music sends signals to the brain to stop when the body gets tired. However, listening to music overrides these signals. Even your heart beats according to the sound of the music.

Music is beneficial for moderate and low intensity exercises only. In case of high intensity exercise, music is not capable of completely distracting the brain’s attention from the workout.

Hence, music transforms your workouts into an enjoyable experience.

You Should Know How Music Affects Your Brain & Plants

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Boosts the immunity system of the body

Hearing loud music can improve the immunity system of your body. The cheerful music beats brings the brain into alpha state which releases endorphins. The generation of endorphins can boost the immunity system of your body. Hence, listen to music for an improved immune system.

Creates a meditative environment

Music creates a meditative environment by connecting the spiritual part of the body with high power. The chant of hymns based on a rhythm takes you to an alert state. At this state you can meditate and hence realize the situation you are in.

Music is used during meditations since many years and lots of music have been devised which are used for meditation purpose only.

You Should Know How Music Affects Your Brain & Plants

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The Effects Of Music As Per Science

The above mentioned effects of music have been felt by many, but there are scientific reasons also which prove that music develops the brains of human beings. As per scientific observations, music has the power to:

Increase the serotonin level

Depression, anxiety or worry makes our brain messy and hence hampers the power to work and the reasoning ability in humans. This in turn produces lower levels of serotonin.

For increasing the levels of serotonin one must listen to music. Music has the power to change our moods and it also has positive effects on the cells of our brain.

It improves the language skills

The children who face problem of autism can improve their language skills by using the music therapy. It enables the children to express their emotions and to communicate. Autistic children use music to communicate with others.

Hence, music therapy has seen lots of benefits in many fields. It has been seen that the autistic children respond to music very well.

It helps to recall old memories

The songs which you used to sing long years back can again come back to your lips once you hear the tune. Since every song has a memory associated with it, it also helps you recall old and forgotten memories.

Hence, few songs which are associated with some memories help the listener to recall those memories. The patients suffering from dementia and Alzheimer’s can recall their forgotten memories by this method.

You Should Know How Music Affects Your Brain & Plants

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Music Therapy

Music therapy is popularly used to improve the health of lots of patients throughout the world. It addresses the emotional, social and physical needs of the human beings. It manages stress, expresses your feelings, increases memory power and helps you to stay healthy and sound.

Health issues like ADD, depression, insomnia and seizures can be treated with the help of this effective music therapy.

Benefits of musical training and passive listening

According to a research it was found that the ones who are musically trained have shown better responses than the ones who just listen to music. The child who learns music has a better concentration power and they can remember things for long time.

The children who are taught music have better skills than the ones who just listen to songs. Music therapy ensures that the knowledge has been properly given to the ones learning.

Therefore, music has lots of benefits. It lights up your mind and motivates you. It helps you to relax and think peacefully even in worse situations. Listening to music or learning music does not have any side effects. Just look for a peaceful place and listen to soft music you will realize its importance.

You Should Know How Music Affects Your Brain & Plants

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Other benefits of music on our brains

Music undoubtedly has non-ending list of benefits. Few more benefits of music are described below:

It enhances your creativity

Listening to loud music focuses your brain towards one particular thing. If you love music you get so overwhelmed on hearing that your creativity power is also enhanced. It also motivates one to process the information they see properly.

It has been seen that creativity can be improved by ambient noise also. Hence, moderate noise is perfect to bring out the creativity in one person. On hearing a particular noise it has been seen that people turn more creative than they were earlier.

The emotion of music matters

Our brains respond very differently on hearing songs of different emotions. Choosing a happy or a sad music depicts our feelings.

The expression of the face changes according to the music we hear. Even the ones who have neutral faces change their facial expressions on listening to music of different moods.

Hence both the emotions which are perceived and the ones which are felt, equally affected by music. Music undoubtedly has the power to change our emotions and expressions.  We relate ourselves with music better than any other thing.

You Should Know How Music Affects Your Brain & Plants

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The choice of music can predict the personality of a human being

It is quite interesting and strange but yes it is true. The choice of songs clearly shows your personality. It was found in a research that the choice of top 10 songs of a person is sufficient to predict the nature of that person.

Hence, by going through the benefits of music it would now have been clear to you that music undoubtedly has lots of benefits on our brain. Music all over the world is used to enhance concentration, creativity and to stay self-motivated. So, if you have the habit of listening to music then keep it up, since it is going to benefit you in many ways.

The Effect Of Music On Growth Of Plants

Plants just like human beings are a living thing and do react accordingly to the outer surrounding like heat, cold, light and noise. It is truly believed by the people that plants do grow well if we talk to them  and the reason behind is that while speaking we release carbon dioxide and the air is headed straight forward to the plant.

However, the effect of music on plants is a debatable topic. This combination has been extensively experimented since the last three decades. People claim that plants do respond to music on the other hand scientists say that plants cannot understand music.

You Should Know How Music Affects Your Brain & Plants

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What exactly is plant growth?

Growth can be described as the method in which the amount and mass of leaves and stems present in a plant tends to increase with each passing day. Growth of plants provides huge strength to the roots and at the end it gives us various kinds of fruits and flowers. Growth in plants takes place due to the division of the cells. Some of the important factors which play a major role in plant growth are temperature, moisture, soil, water retention, atmospheric changes, genes etc.

Does music really effect on the plant growth?

Music do has a very strong effect on human beings, but does it effects on plants also is a question mark. From years people have a belief that music has some effect on the plants because plants are sensitive by nature. Most of the people believe that plants also feel like human beings since it is also a living entity. However, these sayings forced the scientists to perform experiments on plants and the results were quite fruitful.

According to the experimental study done by the experts it has been proved that growth of plants is affected by music. Few experimental studies have been described below:

  • It is quite true that plants do not feel the music. Music is a type of sound which is transmitted in the form of wave and it travels through a medium. The particles present in the medium tend to vibrate due to the waves and the plants grasp the vibration of the sound. The vibration sensed by the plants boosts the protoplasmic movement inside the cells, due to which it helps the plant grow better and strong.
  • We have various kinds of music like rock, jazz, pop, slow melodies and many more, different types of music creates different types of wave frequencies due to which different types of vibrations are produced. Rock music does not put a good impact on the growth of plants because of its high pressure. So, the growth of plants does depend on the type of music. Music with an average pressure or low pressure is beneficial to the plants in their growth.
  • According to an experimental study done on plants, when they are in a musical environment they receive some sound waves from which they receive some form of stimuli. After studying the experts have declared that some of the plants grow faster after they are in contact with a musical stimulation. Even the seeds germinate at a quicker rate if exposed to a musical environment.
You Should Know How Music Affects Your Brain & Plants

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  • According to a scientist named Retallack, plants do grow quickly in classical music and growth rate is less in rock and roll music. However, when jazz music was played it was strange to observe that some of the plants faced towards the music whereas some of the plants took themselves away from the music. Lastly it was concluded that music which has loud frequencies puts a bad impact on plants which results in slow growth of plants, and it is not about the music but the type of instruments used and their resonance produced.
  • Another experimental study was done by a Korean scientist in 2007, which played the track Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata in front of rice plants. After performing the experiment he declared that plants did grow faster and taller and they ended up giving fruits faster when they were in a musical environment.
  • According to a study by Joel Sternheimer, the role of vibrational frequencies was detected in plants. Proteins are generated in plants by the ribosomes present in plant cells. The frequency of each notes produced during the generation of proteins are noted. Now, these notes are combined together to form a melodious tune. When this melody was played it was seen that the production of proteins was fast this time and hence the growth of plants also increased. It was also discovered that the growth of tomatoes doubled when tomato plants were grown with music.

The experiments mentioned above were repeated several times even in the absence of light to record the growth of plants. The results were same proving that the effect of music was positive on the growth of plants. Music was capable to stimulate the working of the plant cells even in the absence of light. It was an incredible achievement to see this effect of music on the growth of plants.

You Should Know How Music Affects Your Brain & Plants

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Hence it was proved that the frequency and vibrations of the music played affected the growth of plants. Just like loud music can deter the growth of plants and soft music can help them blossom, it is the vibrations produced which make a difference. The vibrations pass through any medium and cause disturbance in the plant cell forcing them to work efficiently.

“Sonic Bloom: A Spray To Enhance Greenery”

Lots of experiments and researches have proved that plants respond to sonic waves in millions of ways. The size and the growth rate is increased, their overall health is also affected. The frequencies ranging from 3000 kHz – 5000 kHz are responsible for speeding up the growth in plants. In sound of these frequencies, plants are seen to absorb the nutrients effectively.

Dan took fifteen years to develop a spray with certain frequencies which can be used to enhance greenery in gardens and farms. The spray popularly known as “Sonic Bloom” enhanced the capability of plants to grow faster and also proved fruitful for several farmers.

Sonic Bloom process was also used to treat Purple Passion. The effect of the spray was so excellent that the plant grew 1,300 feet. It also stayed alive for more than 25 years. However, normally these plants do not attain height of more than 18 feet and stay alive for 18 months hardly.

Hence, the effect of music on the growth of plants is exciting. A particular rhythm or melody can enhance the growth of plants and also increase their life span. The benefits of music make it a huge part of our life and keep us more attached with it.

Even in the absence of light, music can stimulate the plant cells to develop nutrients for the plants in an effective manner so that the plants can grow on a faster rate. It is known to us that plants are of utmost important. Hence, music should be preserved since it fulfills our requirements by growing stronger and better plants.

You Should Know How Music Affects Your Brain & Plants

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Whenever you face a dilemma about how music is important to us, the aforementioned points would clear your confusion. Music not only keeps you mentally relaxed but it also keeps you physically active.

The benefit of music on the growth of plants can also not be ignored. Plants are the basic until of life and music can enhance the growth of plants. In today’s world where greenery is fading away, music can be helpful to retain the beauty of green plants.

You Should Know How Music Affects Your Brain & Plants

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Music affect your mental state, it helps you fight depression, anxiety and any other serious issues. Soft music soothes your mind and keeps it peaceful. Meditation is very important to stay healthy and with soft music meditation can be done in a better way. Hence, for maintaining your mental health, keep listening to music. It is an appreciable habit and has lots of benefits.

Music is a vast subject. Those who want to learn music and its type can consult a professional who can give you the knowledge of music in depth. It has been seen that the ones who learn music possess more benefits than the one who just listen to it. So, enroll yourself in any musical course and start your beautiful journey with music.

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