Important Tips For Beginners Playing Violin

Music is incomplete without the instruments. Instruments add a magical touch to anything you sing or present. There are various types of guitars which have different specifications and are used to create great music. Similarly, violin is also a popular instrument which gives a new form to music.

Learning how to play any musical instrument is an art. Therefore, for those who want to learn how to play violin must keep in mind that it requires great dedication and practice. Without practice the tips you learn is of no use.

The violin is an instrument which requires professional hands to produce sound. It is very tough to master this instrument. However, strong determination and a focused mind can easily make you professional in this field.

When one starts taking lessons to play violin, he must be consistent in his classes. A little bit of inconsistency may make violin a difficult subject. If you are not excited about learning it or the enthusiasm is low then you should choose not learn violin.

However, if you are interested enough to learn this instrument then go through the tips given below. The tips below will undoubtedly build a basic foundation about violin which will help you to learn the advanced use of violins.

Important Tips For Beginners Playing Violin

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Tips for beginners playing violin

First of all, if you are a beginner and want to know the basics of violin, make sure that you are dedicated enough to complete the training. The fret-less feature of the instrument tempt the beginners to leave the dream of playing violin. Fingerboard of violin does not have frets and hence it becomes very difficult for the beginners to locate the correct position of frets. Hence, it becomes more difficult to produce the perfect sound.

Learn how to buy a violin

It is very important to buy a violin of good quality if you want a fine tone. In case, you do not have much idea about the shop of musical instruments and you have no idea about how to choose the perfect violin, then take a professional with you to help you out with this.

Do not worry if you cannot find an expert to go with you. Buying a good quality violin is as easy task. Since you are beginner choose the model which is less expensive and has a very good tone. The shop assistant in the music shop can also help you to choose the best model for yourself.

Important Tips For Beginners Playing Violin

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Various parts of violin and the bow

Basic parts of violin must be known to you before you start learning.  The basic parts of violin are as follows:

  • The uppermost part is a scroll which is a curved piece and is decorative.
  • A bridge from where the four strings can pass over the violin.
  • The fingerboard which is considered as the violin’s neck. The fingertips are positioned over the fingerboard to produce different notations.
  • F holes which are gaps in the body of the violin. It has a hollow body and these gaps are F or S shaped.
  • Tuning pegs situated just below the curve shaped scroll. These are used to tune the violin.
  • For an extra pitch to the violin, fine tuners are there.
  • A chin rest is there to place your chin while you play the violin. The chin rest is present on the left lower side of the violin.
  • A bow is used to play the violin. It is an accessory which slides through the strings to produce the sound. The bow comprises of a stick with a hair which touch the strings while it is being played.
Important Tips For Beginners Playing Violin

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How to tune a violin?

Tuning a violin is very easy once you know the standard notes present in violin. ‘G’, ‘A’, ‘E’ and ‘D’ are the standard notes of violin in which it has been tuned. Keep the thickest string of violin at ‘G’ note, ‘D’ at a less thick string, ‘A’ at the thinner string and at the end ‘E’ at the thinnest string. Follow the above step carefully for tuning the violin. If the notes are not adjusted properly you may tighten the string and end up breaking it. Online tuners are also available to tune the violin.

Important Tips For Beginners Playing Violin

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How to play the violin?

Beginners might wonder about how to hold the violin while playing it. Holding the violin is easy, hold the neck of the instrument with left hand and place the side of your chin over the resting area present. Hold the bow with your right hand and start sliding the bow over the strings of the violin. Also, keep pressing the positions on fingerboard.

Although it seems simple to read the steps it is not that easy. You need regular practice to be familiar with the notations and the procedure to play the violin. For beginners it is difficult to learn the position of frets while playing the violin.

Start with an acoustic violin first to learn the basic steps to play the tune. Once you can play it efficiently switch over to the electric violin. Electric violins are capable to produce various sounds and add various effects to the music produced. Therefore, it would make the sound produced by the violins more interesting and entertaining to hear.

Important Tips For Beginners Playing Violin

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Therefore, it is your dedication which matters. If you are determined enough to learn how to play a violin nothing can stop you from it. The steps mentioned above are also sufficient enough to teach you the basics of violin however you need to be consistent enough while learning how to play violin.

There are various types of strings for your violin which produce various sounds. While you learn violin make sure that you get used to with the tune of the various strings of violin and are able to use the strings to produce an enjoyable melodious tune.

Although, it takes time to master the process to play violin but once you get used to the frets on the fingerboard it becomes very easy. So, be focused enough if you want to learn and do not give up in the middle.

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