About Us

Hi guys,

This is melodyarea.com and on this site, I want to make it becomes a place for both sharing my experiences about the music and discuss with other people who have the same interest.

As you all know that music is one of the most essential thing in the human life and nothing can replace the role of it. Music has present in all the field of life, from entertainment, working, communication, etc. and music industry is one of the most profitable industry in the last decade. So that, if you want to learn and know more about music, you are at the right place now

There are many things relating to music that you can easily name here, from how music affect the human health, types of music at the current time, learn about music, composing, to the equipment and tools that you use in the music to create the sound effect or the instruments as well. There are thousand things you should to learn to understand about music to see how it affect on you and the life as well as know about how to choose the type of equipment, tools, and instruments that you like to play music.

On the site of melodyarea.com, as I mentioned above, I want to create a place where we can share with each other the information about music so you can find on this site that all the articles here are about music and the related field. There is the information about how music affects your brain or on the development of unborn baby. You also can find here the articles which guide you how about choose the right and suitable instrument, especially the string instrument – the hardest type. And we also can not forget about the history of music and its type.

Enjoy your time here and do not forget to live your message for us about how you feel. Thank you very much.